Collection: Basic Playroom Setup

A well-stocked playroom that promotes good growth in young children is airy, vibrant, & full of resources. Have cleaning items on standby in the case of a spill or accident, & in the event of an emergency, provide easily accessible first aid items.

The playroom also has to be well-stocked and guarded. There should be child-sized furniture available for sitting (chairs), lounging (couches, sofas), and spreading (rugs, carpets) as well as child-accessible hand washing stations close by.

Generally speaking, the playroom ought to be well-stocked with a range of toys that enhance the child's understanding of the world, develop skills and talents, and stimulate various brain regions.

Basic writing utensils, paper, crayons, colouring pages, books, role-play toys (such as toy swords, toy guns, dollhouses, kitchen play sets and dress-up costumes), musical toys (such as simple instruments), art toys (such as a kid-sized easel & artist colour palette), science lab, rubber beakers, pretend flames, school blackboard, teaching staff and chalk are some good ideas for toys in your startup playroom.

Along with hand-manipulable toys like Lego and Kinect, the playroom should feature puzzles, board games, model cars, animal toys, dolls or action figures, and manipulatives like slime, play dough, and sand play.