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The "X Hedgehog Game" For Coordination & Fine Motor Training

The "X Hedgehog Game" For Coordination & Fine Motor Training

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The "X Hedgehog Game" is an innovative board game designed to captivate children and promote developmental benefits. It is perfect for group or individual play and is ideal for therapists and child workers as part of their physical or play therapy tool kit. The game features adorable hedgehog characters and allows players to choose their favorite stick to insert or remove.

The game is sized at 32 x 31 x 3.5 cm and crafted from eco-friendly wood, ensuring safety and sustainability. It is ideal for early childhood educators, parents, and caregivers looking to foster important developmental skills in a playful setting. The game encourages fine motor skills, strategic thinking, number recognition, and interactive play, enhancing parent-child communication and social skills. It offers flexible gameplay suitable for single or multiple players and is compact and convenient in a colorful box.

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