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Quincy, "The Robot Teacher" | Teach Children How To Draw, Write Letters & Numbers

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Unlock your child's full potential with Quincy, "The Intelligent Robot Teacher". Designed to enhance learning abilities in preschool-aged children, this innovative tool is a game-changer for parents & educators alike. With its cutting-edge technology & interactive features, our teaching robot will take learning to a whole new level.

Comes Recommended by Preschool Teacher Audrey Thorne

“Great product for introducing children to the basic building blocks of language, including letters & sounds."

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Quincy is The Perfect Learning Companion

A Description Of The Product Features:

  • Advanced Speech Box

  • Automated Sensors

  • Precision Movements

  • Versatile Use

The robot can vocalize & has a funny voice. It makes learning an engaging & interactive process for the children.

The robot's automated sensors detect schematics on the provided cards, & respond to received input with a demonstration. 

Children will be in awe with Quincy, designed with precision engineering, it achieves remarkable accuracy in its drawing & writing demonstrations.

Our teaching aid is perfect for education in the classroom. It can be packaged for transportation, & doesn't need to be plugged in. All you need is a flat surface.

Ideal for parents of children, child educators, school therapists, child psychologists, & speech language pathologists.

Why Choose Our Intelligent Teaching Robot?

Additional Specifications:

  • Product Description

  • Material & Care

  • Classroom Application's

  • Shipping Rate & Speed


Kid Dots Product: Quincy, "The Robot Artist"

Item Weight

2.8 pounds


Lithium Battery

Item model number


Product Dimensions

170L x 150W x 175H mm

Battery life

10 Hours


Ideal for future focused parents seeking educational toys and early learning educational teachers, the Learning Buddy is a valuable tool that combines fun and education seamlessly. It empowers children to explore their creativity, develop essential skills, and embark on a journey of knowledge and self-expression.


Provide your child with the gift of interactive learning & watch their confidence & abilities soar with Quincy, The Robot Artist.

The Box Includes: 

1 Quincy Robot Artist Unit, 24 Picture Cards, 10 Number Cards.
& 26 Alphabet Cards.
4 math cards, an activity book & 2 pens.
Also included is a USB Charging Cable & an Instruction Manual.

Children's Product Certificate (CPC)

Non-toxic, VOC-free & certified safe paint

BPA-, styrene- and phthalate-free plastics

Their are A Broad Range of Applications For The Quincy Robot:

Thanks to its ability to demonstrate, Quincy can engage a number of children. With a projection of the drawing on an external screen, one could hypothetically increase the number of children Quincy can engage. Children will gain more agency as they confidently swipe the provided cards across the Robot's sensors.


Quincy, "The Robot Artist" is a multifaceted tool which can be used for a variety of different circumstances or situations where the education of young ones is paramount but time & personal resources are scarce. You can use it to aid teaching in the classroom. Here are some ideas of ways Quincy can be used to support learning, also some game/ activity ideas for using Quincy in group settings.

"Helping Little Hands Create Big Wonders!" 


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"cute little thing... drew great pictures... accurate letters... numbers, kid just loves it"

“Me & my husband don't get a lot of time to spend with the kid due to our busy work schedules. The little guy was having trouble focusing when it comes to learning his letters & numbers. We know preschool age is a crucial time for the young ones & so looked into having our child work with a speech language pathologist but found it was too expensive to be a viable option. When we found Quincy online, it got us excited because it was a cute little thing, & when we got it, it drew great pictures & accurate letters also numbers, kid just loves it"

Jane Amry - Mother of 4 year old boy.